Luna Yoga®

MariaPollack_Pharaoninis a newly found yet old healing art contemplating the joy of life and inviting life’s energies through movement, breathing, relaxing, visualisations.

Based on ancient yoga techniques and rooting them back to matriarchal times it regards the moon as a guide to inner perceptions and feelings. How do I feel today? What is it that I need? What is my rhythm?

Cycles of nature and especially women’s cycles are honored and celebrated with poses, postures and special dances that can harmonize the functions of the sexual organs. In that way women can influence both ovulation and menstruation and heal themselves. Luna yoga enhances creativity, improves fertility and deepens the sexual experiences. The dances used in luna yoga come from different cultures of our beautiful world. Originally it was Aviva Steiner in Israel who in the seventies found that strong movements can influence women’s health. Adelheid Ohlig, a yoga teacher and journalist, studied with Aviva and enriched Aviva’s system with her understanding of yoga and matriarchal cultures. So since the eighties we have luna yoga as a women’s way of healing body, mind and spirit and coming to unison with nature. Luna Yoga is not only protected by copyright since 1991 but also patented, i.e. registered trademark and may thus only be taught by certified teachers.

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